Kids Cooking

kids iiWe believe that all kids should learn how to cook. They develop new skills they socialize and they learn about healthy tasty food while having huge fun.  For Kids we have kids cooking parties for birthdays and fun and special educational cooking workshops for schools which support teachers in bringing subjects to life.

Click below for our special brochure on Cooking Workshops for Schools and for some Kids Cooking recent menus

  • Kids Cooking including Smart Cookie cooking for kids
  • Educational Cooking Programme for Schools

Kids workshops and cooking parties start at 150 Lei per child. Aprons are provided and they eat the meal or take home the food according to the type of workshop.

Below are some recent kids cooking workshop menus where we did tons of healthy fun cooking and the kids cooked and ate a feast!

BSB Cooking sept menu BSB tapas party
fit fingerFOOD IBSB FRD jpeg IBSB menu pop up buffet
pastamania IBSB FRD burgers cooking class kids
chocolate making kids class christmas lunch cooking kids
make it count kids class oranges and lemons kids cooking
patisserie francaise kids class smart cookie-healthy baking

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