SMART COOKIE  is a range of delicious baked goods and energy bars sensitively made
with no refined sugar, no salt and packed full of nature’s “superfoods” created by chef
Rachel Sargent  Click here for our brochure and price list

We specialize in baking cakes, cookies and tarts with no refined sugars and healthier
pastries and doughs. We don’t use trans fats (margarine), synthetic flavourings, colourings, salt or synthetic conserving agents – just natural healthy ingredients.

cakes cover smart cookie

Many of our delicious creations are also gluten free, vegan, dairy free and some are even completely refined sugar free too.

As they are high in soluble fibre and have low glycemic indices they can you help maintain stable blood sugar levels because they release energy slowly – so  no “sugar rush”.
If you or your family have a food allergy or intolerance we will happily discuss it with you
and help find  food that is just right for you.

To make it easier for you all our products are indicated:

GF – Gluten Free, FF – Fat Free, VG – Vegan/ “Post”,  LF– Lactose Free and
ZS– Zero Sugar)