WSET® Courses

  • WSET Logo FinalWSET courses provide internationally recognised qualifications for Wine Industry professionals and enthusiastic amateurs alike.
  • WSET gives a grounding in the most important international wines and wine regions such as: Bordeaux, Burgundy, Toscana, Piedmont, Rioja, Champagne and the New World, etc
  • All courses are designed and marked by WSET London thus ensuring absolute integrity
  • Our curricula use only international wines as prescribed by WSET

We offer 3 WSET courses – Level 1 and Level 2 and Level 3 Awards. Click here for the 2017 timetable.

Level 1 Award is a good introductory first course for the wine enthusiast who wishes to be introduced in a structured way to – wine styles, storing and serving of wine, and food and wine matching and also provides the basic product knowledge and skills in the service and retail of wine to prepare a person for their first job in hospitality or retail. Eur 169, one full day. Click for more details and an application form.

Level 2 Award is suitable for anybody who has a serious interest in wine, and wishes to broaden their knowledge in a structured way. Students will receive a course book (a comprehensive guide to the wines of the world – illustrated with detailed maps & label explanations), a study guide (complete with maps, example questions, and forms for your own tasting notes) and laminated tasting card. Eur 369, three full days. Click for more details and an application form.

Level 3 Award is suitable for professionals at a senior level (F&B, purchasing manager, sommelier) and anybody who has a serious interest in wine, wishing to broaden their knowledge and get an international qualification. Students will receive a study pack (book + study guide for tasting notes + laminated tasting card). Eur 969, five full days, exam +12 weeks later to allow self study period (theory and blind wine tasting).  Level III is taught by Godfrey Spence, WSET London, one of the most experienced WSET professors, a well published wine author and a world authority on port. Click for more details and an application form

Why The London Street Wine School?

  • Our team of wine educators is composed of international experienced professionals with extensive experience in wine tasting,and wine education and hospitality.
  • Our wine selection is rigorously selective and follows to the letter the requirements of the WSET Syllabi.
  • To guarantee independence and to be clear of any conflict of interest and bias, our WSET courses are made without any commercial support from wineries.
  • The location is dedicated to food and wine education with all the necessary equipment to guarantee a professional and comfortable atmosphere.
  • All our students receive their study packs prior to the courses, allowing them to come prepared, thus 50 % of the time is devoted to tasting.